Nine centers "My documents" will open in Moscow this week to receive public services in 114 centres, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

Mayor thinning that June 24 will open three more dealerships of public services, and on June 25 – six more. Open the centres will operate as usual. Pre-registration will remain only for those services that and before mode isolation were available for the pre-recording option.

"We see that after the abolition of the pre-recording option, some centers have a queue, as the high demand for these services "My documents". Understand that people for a long time had no opportunity to engage in domestic issues and has a lot of things, and there is a need in the design of a large number of documents. Therefore, we are opening additional offices try to do it quickly as possible. Will try to open more Windows and do a quick service while maintaining the safety of stay residents in the centers," said Rakova reporters.

He added that citizens will be able to apply for the service at the 114 open-plan offices. Sanitary-epidemiological requirements when visiting the centres remain: thermometry at the entrance and masono-glove mode.

Rakova said that to pick up their documents without prior appointment at the centre where the application was filed. If the center, which covers the service, is still closed to the result in assigned to it open office.

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