Experts Mospeada noted that the natural areas of the capital, you can meet wild boars. They were noticed in the Bitsa forest nature and history Park “MOSKVORECH’e”, as well as in green areas, and arrays.

Environmentalists remind us that the wild boars — one of the most dangerous animals in the capital region, while meeting with him must be respected.

Boars — cautious animals that will not attack man without provocation. However, in case of danger they can be extremely aggressive, especially the wild boar with piglets. Animals can cause serious person injury: males — lacerations with sharp fangs, females also, in which the canines are less developed, can knock a person off their legs and stomp with their front hooves.

When meeting with a wild boar, experts advise. In this case, the animal may not even notice. If you need to leave, you must do it slowly, no sudden movements, not turning to the animal’s back.

At the meeting do not approach the boar and look at him at close range, better to look away and try to keep the boar in sight. If a whole brood was found, then stay away from pigs: it is impossible to approach them close, especially to take up or capture.

the Best way to escape from the attacking boar to climb on the nearest tree. If the tree is not, in the time of the attack it is necessary sharply to Dodge. While the animal will turn around, try to find shelter.

wild Boars strong and hardy, runs great even in the bushes of the forest. They have thick and coarse hair, so it is called bristles, color from brown to black. This color helps to camouflage in the forest. Length an adult male can reach two meters, and weighs about 200 pounds. By the way, the sight of wild boar is weak, it does not distinguish between colors and not able to see the person standing 15 metres from it, but can smell and hear the stranger.

wild Boars play an important role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. They eat harmful insects and their larvae, rummage in search of food the vast territory, which positively affects the quality of the soil, facilitates the penetration of seeds into the soil and restoration of tree species.