the industrial Commission in the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow has approved the first application for the grant. The recipient was the company, which manufactures ceramic disc filter for ore dressing in mining.

specialists Also reviewed and approved all 13 nominations. Among these, 9 applications for compensation of expenses for transportation of goods abroad, 2 — attestation of conformity of the goods and another 2 for certification of management systems.

Meetings of committees are held on a weekly basis. Specialists review the applications of entrepreneurs and take decisions on them. Also in the preparation of documents online and, if necessary, will help to send the originals to the Department.

Measures to support exporters of capital approved in the second anti-crisis package. At the same time introduced a new support mechanism — the export grant. It amounts to 10 per cent of the export contract, but not more than $ 10 million or 50 percent of the amount of taxes paid to the city budget.

was Also expanded opportunities for obtaining grants. Entrepreneurs can now apply for reimbursement of the costs of exporting not only goods but also services and intellectual property rights. In the list of reimbursable expenses added surgery on the adaptation of products for international market. In the list of reimbursable, included the payment for transportation of goods abroad, certification of management systems and products and the patents. The maximum subsidy amounts to three million rubles.

to Apply for a grant or grant for exporters. To get detailed information about the requirements for companies and the rules of registration of documents from the consultants of the Moscow export centre phone: +7 (499) 350-09-10. At the center you can also request a call back.

Prepared plan to overcome the economic consequences of the spread of coronavirus infection in Rossiiskie 70% of applicants to the headquarters of the economy has received the support of

In Moscow, adopted three packages of measures to support the business. They relate to the deferral of advance payments, compensation for property tax and land payments, and assistance in lending to small and medium businesses, regardless of type of activities.