a Mere 1400 votes short of a red Revolution in the Canton of Valais. SP candidate Mathias Reynard (32) wanted to break the 150-year-long rule of the CVP in the Stöckli – and failed on Sunday just.

Reynards, is Failure for the SP unfortunately. But it fits the race to the poor performance of the Comrades in the Council of States. The social Democrats have lost – as of today – already three of the twelve seats in the Stöckli. In twelve cantons, a second ballot will take place.

Three red seats less

Striking With the red seat losses, the Greens have always had their hands in the game. In the Basel area, Eric Nussbaumer (59) withdrew his councillor candidacy in order to be better placed Maya Graf (57, Green) going out of the way.

In the Canton of Aargau Cédric Wermuth (33) Green, Ruth Müri (49) had to defer. And in new castle, the Green Céline Vara (35) snatched the Enjoyed surprising the seat.

Stöckli-shock in sight

This Sunday, the next Stöckli-shock threatens the SP is the same. In the Vaud, SP-national councillor Ada Marra (46) has to defend the seat of the assignor Géraldine Savary (50). But this is not an easy undertaking.

The Ökowelle was in the Canton of Vaud is particularly strong. She was wearing the green national councillor Adèle Thorens (47) in the first round to the top spot. The Lausannerin starts as the favourite in the second round – and can also count on the support of GLP.

SP-Marra against FDP-Français

the race for the second seat is likely to play out between Marra and the previous FDP councillor Olivier Français (64). Marra landed in the first round of voting on the sovereign in second place. Your head start on French with 19’000 votes in a comfortable way.

But French knows the game. Already four years ago, he started from third place in the race and made a gap of 14’000 votes betting. At the end of the engineer threw surprisingly the previous Green Luc Recordon (64) from the Stöckli.

support the SVP

Now Français to kick yourself as the Previous – a big advantage in elections. And he can count on broad support. The GLP recommends Français in addition to Thorens-officially the choice.

And also, the SVP, which had included four years ago, now relies on the Lausanne. “We do not choose French, because we find him,” says SVP-national Council Michaël Buffat (40). “But we want to prevent a left Duo absolutely.”

fear the SVP-the base stays home, because no one SVP candidate, more choice, has not Buffat: “Our voters are very reliable. You will also go in the second ballot in the ballot box.”

mobilization is crucial

The mobilization of the right and the left bearing should ultimately decide also whether Ada Marra can keep the red seat or not.

it is already clear now: The SP will have to leave in the Council of States springs. After the constant rise of the Comrades in the Stöckli in the past few years, you will lose for the first time back seats.