In the Amur region the participants of the search expedition found a fragment of the fuselage of the plane that crashed almost 40 years ago. About it reports a press-service of the regional government.

August 24, 1981, at the height of 5220 meters faced two aircraft: military and passenger. In the tragedy miraculously survived the only passenger – a student of the pedagogical Institute of the Annunciation twenty-year-old Larissa Savitskaya.

Texas public men of his expedition called “Flight 811”, this is the number of An-24, carrying out on that fateful day, the flight from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Blagoveshchensk.

“the crash site is at a distance of about 120 kilometers from the Federal highway” – said one of the ultrasonic members of the expedition Roman Shabanov.

At the crash site are traces of equipment. There is evidence that in recent years the remains of the fuselage are actively exported from the taiga. Fragments were transferred to the Museum at the Bureya district.

by the Way, now in the Perm Krai are shooting a feature film, which tells the story of the miracle survivor Larissa Savitskaya about the disaster.

help “RG”

Young student Larissa Savitskaya, together with her husband Vladimir came back from the honeymoon. They were married in the spring of 1981, but because of the practice sessions and the trip was postponed.

the plane was a lot of empty seats, and despite the fact that the tickets have Sawicki was in the middle part, they took seats in the rear. During the emergency, Larissa together with the chair I planned on the ground, her fall buffered tree branches.

Her alive was found by rescuers two days after the disaster, the girl, waiting for help, have built a shelter out of the wreckage and pieces of polyethylene.

Doctors diagnosed her with multiple spinal injuries, broken ribs and a concussion.

five years after the tragedy, Larissa gave birth to a son. Now lives in the suburbs.