As reported the regional operative headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infections, the 58-year-old doctor in a few days struggling with the disease. But the doctors were unable to save his colleague, whose disease was severe.

– This is the only in Altai Krai case of death among health workers for the entire period of a pandemic, – noted in the Ministry of health of the region.

Sergei Khodorenko more than 35 years gave medicine. It long time worked as the anesthesiologist-resuscitation specialist in the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care of the Altai regional oncologic dispensary and in 1999 he headed this Department. Then worked in the Diagnostic center of Altai Krai, led Novoaltayskiy city hospital. Then returned to the Oncology clinic. No matter what position the S. A. he held, he was always practicing as an anesthesiologist-resuscitator.

the Governor Viktor Tomenko, the Ministry of health and the medical community of the Altai territory expressed his sincere condolences to the family and friends of Sergei Khodorenko.

Recall that the outbreak of coronavirus infection in three departments of the Oncology hospital was identified on may 25. In a week the number of patients with COVID-19 here has reached 70 people. Housing on Nikitin street was completely closed on quarantine, and also closed the Department of urology and radiotherapy No. 2 on the Zmeinogorsky path.

according to the data of regional oberstab on 5 June in the Altai territory was 2192 cases COVID-19, including 214 children up to 17 years inclusive. Died on 25 adult patients, 15 of them from coronavirus infection, eight cases from other causes. Two cases are still under examination, including the case of Sergei Khodorenko.