The economy, The aviation industry is experiencing its biggest crisis ooit.De worldwide, is almost non-existent, demand for air travel is mandatory, the Belgian airline, all the equipment on the ground to keep up. Brussels Airlines has been flying for at least 15 to may not, for instance, it is known today. It calls on the government to 290 million euros in aid for this crisis in order to survive. Located in TUI on the fly, it has to be 250 million euro. An Expert in Eddy Van de Voorde and explain why they should get it.

What is the problem?

All for several weeks, there is barely a plane in the air. With the exception of the five that the government repatriëringsvluchten to run all 48 aircraft from Brussels Airlines, the unemployed on the land. The same goes for TUI fly. Zero income to do so.

customers for the refund of the tickets is not yet in the great drama,” says transporteconoom, Eddy Van de Voorde (UAntwerpen). “The vast majority of its 4.200 employees, it is, technically, out of work. However, the zwareleasingkost for the equipment, they can’t get away from it. As in almost all the sectors will come to all carriers, even Air France-KLM and Lufthansa, and there had been a strong a bit, this is in a large cashnood.”

so is the aid needed?

“yes, certainly. Otherwise, to survive on Brussels Airlines, but also for the rest of the sector, it may not be.Air France and the French, 4 billion will be stopped, and the Dutch, pumps, KLM is approximately 2 billion. A billion, right? Also, we will have to do something.”

” The great danger is in the use Of the Advantages, however, are from outside of Europe. “In the U.S. contend with the difficulties. But the American side in the past have been twice the area of the ‘Chapter 11′, which, from the appearance to protect to get after that, is a lot more competitive to get back to. As for the Asian people have a response to it, we have an international problem. We have, therefore, left with no other choice.”

it’s also it’s own direct economic interest is enormous?

“Sure. Brussels Airlines is so much more than just an airline: it is the aanvoerluik the voedingsader in our country.The airport has a strong interest in the well-functioning of the ‘home carrier’.”At Brussels Airport we are together the more than 24 000 people. Add to that another 40,000 indirect jobs.