Ukraine, Iran – and last but not least: Afghanistan. Since taking power, the Taliban have ruled there with brutal means. As in the 1990s, when the Taliban were also in power, the terrorist group uses brutal methods to punish people: public floggings in front of a mass audience.

According to reports from the AP news agency, twelve people were flogged in a stadium in Lugar province (south of the capital Kabul) on Wednesday morning. Among the twelve people are said to have been three women and nine men who had previously been convicted of theft and adultery in a court of law.

According to the “AP”, they were each punished with 21 to 39 lashes. The news agency learned this from local government officials. More than a hundred people are said to have watched the punishment in the stadium in the city of Pul Alam. The invitations for the public flogging were previously sent to “venerable scholars, mujahideen and elders.” The invitation was also shared via social media.

The EU is also watching the dramatic developments in Afghanistan with concern. The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, has complained about the increasing oppression of women in Afghanistan. There are reports suggesting the world will soon witness a return to public executions, stoning, flogging and punitive amputations, the top politician said in Strasbourg on Monday.

In Afghanistan, women are increasingly being pushed out of public life and denied access to public spaces. Despite promises to protect women’s rights, progress is reversed. “The Taliban want women to be invisible. We want them to thrive,” Metsola said, pledged support to the people of Afghanistan.

The property tax is one of the domestic political excitement of the year, along with the gas levy and citizens’ income. Missing data, blocked access and the tight deadline give an idea of ​​what owners and tenants could face. Protests are stirring in the southwest.

In the case of the murdered Hanna, there is now an arrest. The police announced this on Saturday. However, the police denied the help of a clairvoyant.

Wilderness trainer Marco Plass survives weeks without electricity on his tours. As a graduate organizational psychologist, however, he believes that chaos threatens German cities in the event of a blackout. Even if an emergency is unlikely, everyone should play through it.

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