a Rare natural phenomenon.

the inhabitants of the island of Tenerife noticed a lenticular cloud, which hung just above the top of the volcano Teide with a height of 3718 meters. Made dawn the photos the mount seems to be “wearing” a hat or sombrero.

Domingo 14.06.20 #SantaUrsula #Tenerife #ElTeide se nos pone al amanecer sombrero. Algo de calima en altura @ecazatormentas @VickyPalmaMeteo @AGMTfe @Tenerife_Ocio @LoqueVeoTfe @holyber @VisitTenerifeES @MeteoMorella @anamaria190977 #Felizdomingo

Lenticular clouds — a rare natural phenomenon. They appear on the crests of air waves or between two layers of air. A characteristic feature of these clouds is that they do not move even if the wind is strong.

Anna Lysenko

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