Lena Meyer-Landrut (28) crying in a four-minute Video, published by the singer himself. The first, disturbing-looking shots to show you in the production of a song. It seems to go to her Ex-boyfriend and by the end of the relationship. “Maybe we meet again next time someone, where it is believed that one more time. Because I really thought that it’s forever,” says Lena upset.

Lena Meyer-Landrut addresses the separation of

In the process, she cries and continues: “If you didn’t know about it, and then pulls through, then it is also liberating. That’s why I think it’s also good that it is so powerful, you know. The set itself is kind of bitter.” The separation from Ex-boyfriend Max (27) was announced in January of this year. The two were eight years of a Few. In the Clip, Lena also says: “And I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry, because I didn’t plan this, Yes.”

With the Video, you answered the question to the beginning of the film: “You have put so much time and energy in your Album. What you loved and what was difficult?” Lena’s honest answer: “Actually, I loved everything. Basically, I loved especially the hard times.”

Fans thank Lena for your honesty

your Fans are thrilled that you are sharing these private recordings, and the apparently painful and disruptive birth of new Songs with them. “Thank you for your honesty. Your words give so much power,” writes a Fan. Another respect says: “you’re through fought!” (euc)