In Stuttgart: Klimakleber organize a “mortuary show” at the airport – passengers shout “Go to work”

Several activists of the last generation lie as if dead on the floor of the departure lounge at Terminal 3 of Stuttgart Airport. The post-mortem is accompanied by the sounds of a harmonica, which is strongly reminiscent of the theme tune of the western classic “Play me the song of death”. To sing the popular protest song “The people gonna rise like water,” one after the other stands up and joins in the chorus. In addition to the group that became notorious as so-called climate gluers, Parents for Future is also taking part in the protest on Saturday.

Not everyone understands acting. “Go to work,” several passengers shout as they pass by. Although the activists are not directly blocking everyday airport activities, the protest action is met with incomprehension and shaking of the head by some, especially in the travel hustle and bustle of the Pentecost weekend.

The date was obviously chosen deliberately, but an escalation like that on Saturday morning at Munich Airport is not planned. There, several Last Generation activists made their way onto the tarmac and shut down the airport for several hours. In Stuttgart, on the other hand, it was said in advance that it should be “peaceful, colorful and creative, but unignorable.” The motto: “Honestly climate-neutral STRzero: Get rid of private jets, short-haul flights and subsidized kerosene”.

A speaker from the group emphasizes that the protest is not directed against the travelers, but against the government, which is not creating better conditions. Stuttgart Airport’s “STRzero” climate strategy is also met with criticism. The program aims to reduce directly caused greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2040.

Mario Hess from the Last Generation, however, accuses the city of Stuttgart and the airport operators of greenwashing: “On the surface it’s a huge PR show, but the problem is not solved.” The group’s most important demands: a ban on short-haul flights and private jets. The protest should be peaceful, but Hess does not want to condemn the group’s action in Munich.

The so-called “disobedient assembly” started at 12 noon in the departure hall of Terminal 3. Around 150 activists are now present at the unannounced protest of the last generation, which is accompanied by theatrical performances, several speeches, large posters and paper airplane attacks. The state and federal police present tolerate the action. Although the protest was not registered, according to a representative of the police authority, “everything has been very peaceful so far.”

A passer-by sees it similarly, stopping briefly with interest and watching the spectacle: “If it’s peaceful, I don’t have anything against it.” He doesn’t think much of the group’s much more aggressive approach in Munich. He commented on a poster with the inscription “Short-haul flights only for insects” with the words: “The fact that such flights are still being offered, Stuttgart-Munich, Stuttgart-Frankfurt, is an outrage.”

At the same time and in the immediate vicinity, the Parents for Future group, which was once founded to support the youth movement Fridays for Future, is informing about its concerns and holding a vigil. This in turn has been registered, as has the joint march to the private jet terminal, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. However, since both groups are mixing, the legal situation under assembly law is currently unclear.

Finally the police decide to break up the chaos. Three loudspeaker announcements later, the majority of the activists are on their way out, only a few resist and remain seated. Although there is no sticking, the police still have to get involved. Several activists are carried out of the hall and put in front of the door – 90 euros each, and their personal details are also recorded in order to initiate legal action for violating the expulsion.

The start of the protest march towards the private jet terminal is also watched by a couple who have returned from their vacation in Greece and are waiting to be picked up. The man initially appears conflicted, but then becomes annoyed: “Instead of picking on us travelers, they should start with Baerbock.”

A little later, the protesters head towards the private jet terminal. Passing large-engine luxury cars and numerous small and large private jets, the activists chant: “The jets of the rich must go” and “private jets fly from here to Berlin, with climate killer kerosene.” The march ends right outside the gates of the private jet terminal. Another theatrical postmortem is followed by a speech and a final sit-in, which soon breaks up again – this time without being carried away.

By Dominik Grill

The original for this article “Climate gluers hold a “morgue show” at the airport – passengers shout “Go to work”” comes from STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG.