In St. Petersburg died the patient with coronavirus

At the St. Petersburg Botkin hospital died the patient with the coronavirus, said the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. According to him, the exact cause of death will be determined by an autopsy. Fluently did not specify at what age the patient is, and where he became infected. “He came first, and determined [COVID-19] only after 19 days. That is, the virus does not live 14 days and before 28 days and only then can manifest itself,” said Beglov, quoted by “Fontanka”.

So, in Russia killed at least six people with the coronavirus. While official statistics only says four victims in Moscow. Earlier on Saturday, authorities in Orenburg region have confirmed the death of 57-year-old male with confirmed diagnosis, which in early March traveled to Europe.

According to recent reports, Russia was 1264 cases of the coronavirus, of which 228 for the last day. Most cases of infection are marked in Moscow – 817. In second place for the spread of infection Moscow oblast (85). In St. Petersburg, 37 ill, he’s in third place.