the scent of Mulled wine hanging in every corner, between stalls with Raclette and carvings are pushing the Young and the Old: the Swiss Christmas markets are the Hit. Today, there are around 400 – and it will always be more. Especially Fondue-Hüsli, mulled wine stalls and other dining deals spring up like mushrooms from the ground. Sibylle Gerardi, head of corporate communication Luzern Tourismus: “The cuisine is a Trend in tourism. This is also true for the Advent season.”

the Best proof is the Christmas village on Zurich’s sechseläuten Platz with specialities from all over the world. Or just a star chef, and a gastro-entrepreneurs – for the first time, Berner star market opened.

made For the market in Zurich’s main train station, 25 years ago, the beginning, also observed by Heinz Keller of Switzerland tourism, the development: “The markets have a stronger event character – the new offerings are something like the advent version of the Food Festivals.” Now there is everything from traditional fleamarket with hand-made products, to hip Christmas Mall with a party atmosphere. The huge range of draws according to many people, the tourism experts, confirm from Basel, Bern, Biel, Zurich, the Canton of Valais, and Lucerne.

The hotel industry is benefiting

On the lake of Lucerne to market the Christmas leisure activities due to the great demand, now more intense. This pays off: Lucerne’s Hotels recorded during the last five years, nearly 20 percent more in December-Nights, mainly thanks to foreign guests. Slept 2013 78409 people in local accommodation were it 2017 already 93285.

Also in Basel, the whole city benefits. The Christmas hype has attracted a few years ago, still 600’000 visitors, it was 2017 already 900’000. That’s why it’s ringing in Basel hotel funds: According to statistics, the Overnight stays increased in December, from 40’000 to 100’000.

otherwise, Christmas fans to boost the urban economy: “visitors from the Christmas market, on average, 90 francs. Expenditure in the amount of 58 francs for the retail trade, and 46 francs for gastronomy”, says Sabine Horvath, head of marketing at the city of Canton. Anyone who combines a visit to the market with a hotel stay, more, about 800 francs. No wonder, the city is investing approximately 100000 francs in visitor management and advertising. Also in Berne you would like to exploit the success of intensive.

counter-trend: a Silent Advent

expert Heinz Keller, but the limits of the boom: “you will Find on any third party to market the same item, the charm.” There is already a strong counter-trend in the Form of a silent advent: “We have increased trips requests for a small market with a nice ambience or a quiet Advent.”
it’s fitting that more and more contemplative torch and crib pathways that are offered through forests and villages. For all those who make mulled wine haze and the market turmoil prefer a bow.