In Spain with a shortage of masks and other protection cov infected 6.5 thousand doctors, physicians sue government

Spain with a shortage of masks and other protection cov infected 6.5 thousand doctors, physicians sue government In Spain with a shortage of masks and other protection cov infected 6.5 thousand doctors, physicians sue government

Spanish and French doctors sue the authorities of their countries, accusing them that they failed to take sufficient measures to the threat of the epidemic of the coronavirus. In Spain, where the rapidly increasing number of sick and dying, physicians sorely lacking masks, gloves and overalls. Of the 50 thousand cases of 6.5 thousand doctors, according to Euronews.

Spanish trade Union of doctors has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of health, demanding that the government during the day provided them with the necessary protection, but the Supreme court dismissed the appeal. The court found that the work of doctors plays a crucial role in fighting the coronavirus, and they should be all you need, but the authorities repeatedly made it clear that they are doing everything possible to solve the problem, said the court’s decision.

In recent days, the number of infected people in Spain is growing rapidly. Increasingly becoming and deaths. The country now ranks second in the world after Italy in the number of deaths: they 3647 people. The peak of the epidemic is only expected in the coming days. This means that the load on doctors will increase.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, speaking to the Spaniards, assured that they are not alone, and thanked the medical workers, and also reported that Spain may receive from the European budget of about 11 billion euros to combat coronavirus. This week a military aircraft was brought to Madrid from Toulouse protective masks, and the government agreed with China about the purchase of medical equipment in the amount of 432 million euros.

protection is not enough and French doctors. About 600 health care workers have filed a lawsuit against the Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe and ex-Minister of health Agnes Busan. The doctors accused them of “lies at the state level” and withholding information about the situation with the spread of the coronavirus. According to doctors, Philip, and Busan knew about the growing threat, but did not take sufficient measures to protect citizens of the country.

When filing a claim physicians referred to including a recent interview Busen in which she stated that in January, warned French authorities about the impending threat. The article under which the complaint is made provides for two years of imprisonment or a 30 thousand Euro fine.

the New Minister of health of France, Olivier Veran admitted that the country was unprepared for the epidemic of coronavirus in terms of masks and remedies, due to the adopted in 2011 decision. Then the government decided to refuse the maintenance of the reserve Fund of the masks created in 2009 during the swine flu outbreak.

This Fund consisted of one billion surgical masks and 600 million FFP2 masks with a special filter. However, they all have a shelf life, they need to be updated regularly. Ultimately, the government found the substance of reserve is too expensive. World production of masks at the time of the waiver of reserves was considered sufficient to cope with any pandemic.

But in early January, 2020 France does not remain a reserve of masks FFP2 and was only about 150 million surgical masks, and as of mid-March, their stock is completely reduced to 80 million, writes RFI.

In France, only four enterprises are able to manufacture surgical masks. Since the beginning of March they switched to clockthe first mode of operation in three shifts, but even in such conditions it produces four times less than announced by the Ministry of health a minimum. The production of masks for doctors ready to connect factory luxury brands Balenciaga and Saint Laurent.