the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and environment of the Spanish region of Aragon said that he had instructed the breeders to kill 92 700 holes after the discovery of the family working on the farm of infection with SARS-CoV-2. In addition, it was discovered that most of the animals infected with the coronavirus, according to CNN. According to experts, the total elimination of such a large number of holes will inevitably lead to a rise in prices for fur products in Europe this fall.

as a precaution, the Department may 22 closed farm in Teruel in Eastern Spain for the re-tests that initially gave a negative result. The result is a sample survey, which was conducted July 7, coronavirus was detected in 78 out of 90 tested animals, which is equivalent to 87 percent of the population.

This is not the first mink farm in Europe, where an outbreak of the coronavirus. In may, the Dutch authorities introduced mandatory testing for all mink farms in the Netherlands, after having stated that the mink could infect a person COVID-19. According to experts on the protection of animals in testing in the country was liquidated up to one million mink at two dozen farms. “Based on the results of new research, ongoing research infections COVID-19 on mink farms, it is likely that the virus was transmitted from mink to the person”, – noted in the government of the Netherlands, adding that the majority of mink COVID-19 have been developing without symptoms.

the Dutch government also said that cats can play a role in the spread of the virus between animals on farms. “Current studies show that the virus in two infected farms are very similar,” – reads the statement of the local official. Earlier COVID-19 was found at three of the 11 cats on one mink farm.

the Virus has also been detected in some other animals, including several tigers in new York’s Bronx zoo in April and in dogs in Belgium and Hong Kong. According to the world health organization, although still impossible to accurately determine the source of the virus, it most likely originated from bats.