In Spain, followed by Italy just stopped playing football

Spain after Italy stopped to play football In Spain, followed by Italy just stopped playing football

the Spanish League football suspended due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. This measure will apply for at least two rounds of the championship. Also suspended meetings in the lower divisions of the championship and even in Amateur tournaments.

the Reason for the imposition of more stringent Protocol counter flash COVID-19 was the detection of coronavirus, one of the players Madrid “real”. As the players and the players “Royal club” classes in General training center, the athletes placed a 14-day quarantine.

“the Decision will be revised after completion of the quarantine in these clubs, and in the light of other possible situations,” reads the statement of the leadership of La Liga.

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LaLiga acuerda la suspensin de la competicin.

— LaLiga (@LaLiga) March 12, 2020

Earlier etyo week’s football competitions in Spain have decided to spend without spectators.

In the same way of tightening quarantine was Italy, which became the epicenter of the spread of the deadly infection in Europe. The national football League after a number of games without spectators there is also fully suspended.

According to recent reports, Spain’s recorded 2,200 cases of infection with coronavirus, 56 people died.

In Italy in recent days abouttons of coronavirus died 168 people. The number of cases exceeded 9 thousand, the number of deaths exceeded 630. The percentage of deaths from coronavirus in Italy was much higher than in other countries.