In South Korea believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN disappeared from view for three weeks not because of the heart surgery, but because of growing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in North Korea. About it reports Reuters.

According to the national intelligence Agency of South Korea, all the bad reports on the health status of the head of the DPRK were “baseless”.

However, this year Kim Jong-UN appeared in public only 17 times compared to 50 in the past. Intelligence officials linked the situation with a possible outbreak of coronavirus in Korea.

the Minister of unification of Republic of Korea also spoke in favor of this version. In the disappearance of Kim Jong-UN is not unusual, as the country is taking stringent measures to prevent the spread of the disease, he said.

In mid-April, the North Korean leader missed a celebration of the birthday of his grandfather, the founder Kim Il sung. Because of his absence, began to appear the rumors about the possible death or illness policy. However, on may 2, Kim Jong-UN after a long absence, reappeared in public, he inaugurated a plant for the production of fertilizers.

the US President Donald trump has warmly welcomed the return of the North Korean leader by writing in his Twitter post.

According to official statistics, North Korea is not recorded any case of coronavirus.