As announced during the regular press briefing on Thursday morning, representatives of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Korea (ROK), on the situation at midnight on may 28, a day in the country registered 79 new infected COVID-19, which was a record for the last 53 days. Now it is obvious that the new becomes the epicenter of the capital region. Of these 79 patients, 67 were in Seoul, neighbouring Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province with the capital. The total number of cases for all time now is 11 344 people.

For the past day recovered 45 people, or 10 340 all the time. Thus during the day the number of people who have the body identified COVID-19 has increased by 34 people or 735 all. The share recovered slightly decreased, making now 91,15 percent. Fortunately, the day nobody died. The number of victims has remained the same – 269 people, mortality decreased to 2.37 percent.

By the standards of most other countries indicators South Korea – what you can dream, but for most Koreans is cause for serious concern. Is now clear as is the weakening of anti-virus measures – just need flash, which has urgently to localize. No sooner had the government more or less to limit the spread COVID-19 of the Nightclubs of the entertainment district of Seoul’s Itaewon, as has now been followed by new lesions, including those that coincided with the resumption of studies in schools and kindergartens. Now a major new logistics center is located in the heart of the local large company Coupang in the city of Bucheon in Gyeonggi province. At the moment of power in an emergency order checks more than four thousand employees and their family members and friends. The total number of confirmed infections of this lesion was 69.

Considering that the day before in Korea also recorded an increased number of new cases COVID-19 at 40 people, it is not excluded that Korea was again on the verge of a second wave of coronavirus. These fears were after the outbreak in Itaewon, but it managed to neutralize, although not yet completely. At the same time began to receive alarming reports from schools and kindergartens in South Korea, where in recent times for a significant part of children was resumed classes as usual. In some places, were reported infected with coronavirus that forced more than 500 schools and kindergartens (especially the capital region) is to refuse the resumption of classes.

of Course, these figures are not as significant, especially considering the rates of other countries, but the government of Korea was going to completely suppress the coronavirus in its territory, which, apparently, is not yet possible. Here and there COVID-19 breaks “line of defense”.

as the Experts are concerned also that in many cases, the coronavirus, the whoarose who knows how. At least ways of infection are now often unable to install. Also, not happy with the concentration of new patients in the Metropolitan area, home to almost half the total population of the Republic of Korea. In a worst case scenario of the situation, this may lead to the repetition of the “script tag”, where he was the main epicenter COVID-19 in South Korea. It is true Koreans have already proven that they can cope with such “breakthroughs antivirus the blockade,” because I hope that just as experts from the Country of morning freshness will work this time.