Coronavirus — not a hindrance.

Traditionally on 1 may in Russia is Monstration. This is happening for which people go with funny, absurd and sometimes serious slogans.

From mode of isolation of the Russians this year are unable to gather in the center of their cities, but many of them spent Monstration house.

All on #монстрация2020!

Out with the cow on the first rural Monstration#Mayday #revolution #монстрация2020

Picture for demonstrations #монстрация2020

What’s happening may 1, should be 1 may. #монстрация2020

Remote Monstration in my city.
Mike, as always, baby#монстрация2020 #монстрация33

a year ago I wrote a tweet about what ever is on the Monstration in Novosibirsk. even this year was going to, but all around sawiroebis and now Monstration came to my house #монстрация2020

dear participants of the demonstrations!#Monstration #монстрация2020

Love this Novosibirsk motion – Monstration! All with may day!#монстрация2020

#монстрация2020 not rent coronavirus

AROUND the WORLD – CAROTENE! ???#монстрация2020

Postrate. #монстрация2020

sunset #монстрация2020

did the poster for more #монстрация2020!

London and @KSHN prevet solar Novosibirsk 🙂

Monstration-2020 has begun. Traditional online репортаж #монстрация2020

#монстрация2020 to the delight of neighbors

My octopus came out to revolution#revolution #монстрация2020

the Quarantine did not prevent the Russians celebrate the Holiday of spring and labor. Most fortunate are the owners of private houses and cottages. They are traditionally grilled kebabs and covered the tables in his yard. somebody dedicated day working in the garden. And the bravest ones even opened the swimming season.

Anna Lysenko

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