the staff of the Federal research centre “of the Krasnoyarsk scientific center SB RAS” developed a new method of destruction of toxic substances formed after staining with synthetic dyes.

According to scientists, the most promising method was the electrocatalytic oxidation using diamond electrodes with the addition of boron. By using such an electrode can be much more effective to clean the waste water from sustainable industrial pollutants.

– Aromatic compounds find wide application in textile, paper, leather industry, production of medicinal and cosmetic products, food products. These substances and their decomposition products contained in the wastewater, toxic and have a detrimental impact on human health and natural ecosystems. In addition, these hard chemicals are destroyed by usual methods, explained in the Krasnoyarsk scientific Center SB RAS.

Toxic substances, such as synthetic dyes, aniline, phenol, benzene and their derivatives, pesticides and herbicides proposed to oxidize electrocatalytically method using diamond electrodes with the addition of boron to enhance the electrical conductivity of the material. It is established that such additional oxidizing electrode formed particles, when exposed to a toxic substance which is able to “transform” into water, carbon dioxide and mineral substances.