In Belgrade on 3 August was formed the 12th convocation of the national Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia. The meeting was attended by 198 MPs out of 250. They all signed the oath, which in particular says that the MP will perform their duties “honestly and conscientiously” and that in accordance with the Constitution of Serbia it will be “to serve the citizens of Serbia, truth and justice.”

In the new convocation of Parliament of the ruling Serbian progressive party won 188 of the mandates, the socialist party of Serbia Ivica Dacic — 32 mandates, and the party SAVED the former athlete Alexander Epica — 11, reported the Serbian news Agency Beta. Came to the Parliament four parties of national minorities — the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (9 members), Party of truth and reconciliation Moamer of Sokolica (4 deputies), the Party of democratic action of Sandzak (3 members) and the Albanian democratic alternative — United valley (3 mandates).

Within 90 days after the formation of the new Parliament in Serbia should be formed new government.

During a meeting before the Parliament gathered representatives of the opposition, who pelted MPs with eggs and tomatoes when entering and leaving the building.

Recall that the biggest opposition party boycotted the last parliamentary elections in Serbia and consider the new Parliament illegitimate.