August 8 is the last day of the exam-2020. It back time for exams in all subjects. For those children who through illness or other valid reasons could not come to the exam early.

In this day all over Russia exam will take about 600 people, according to Rosobrnadzor.

“For the organization of the exam on this day will involve a 120 point examination – said the Rosobrnadzor. – Most of the participants in the reserve term will be required to take physics (160 people), social science (114), core maths (72) and English (58)”.

the results they will receive no later than August 17. On August 18 universities complete the acceptance of documents for the budget.

Recall, for coronavirus for the first time in 2020, the exam is held in August from 3rd to 8th of the month. This additional period for those who for illness or other valid reason missed the test in the fixed time.

the Main wave of the exam was completed in July. The majority of graduates have already received their exam results and hoping to apply to universities.