As explained by the Chairman of the Association of lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev, a bill aimed at creating a system of development of Russian brands of environmentally friendly products.

Today there is a high demand for environmentally friendly goods, including food. The buyer needs to be sure that he offers a really natural and healthy products.

“the Emergence of protected brands of organic agricultural products, raw materials and food will create economic growth points, using the fundamental advantages of domestic agriculture, as a complete ban on the use of GMOs, low intensity use of pesticides, the low level of heavy metal content in fertilizers and other”, – said Vladimir Gruzdev.

He stressed that Russia produces phosphorus fertilizers have a lower content of toxic elements in comparison with the norms established by the legislation of the European Union.

“Domestic products with improved environmental performance will receive special marking. Such products will set special requirements. For marking will be necessary special certification. For the location of marking on non-certified product manufacturers will bear administrative responsibility”, – said Vladimir Gruzdev.

Chairman of the Board of AYUR also stressed that to inform the consumers will create a single state register of producers of products with improved environmental characteristics. Information from the register will be made publicly available on the Internet.