In Russia prevented 34 of the terrorist attack in 2019

According to him, the secret service in 2019, failed to prevent at the preparation stage 57 of terrorist crimes, including 34 of the attack.

Photo: Vitaly Nevar/TASS FSB prevented the terrorist attacks in the educational institutions of Kerch

According to the NAC, during counter-terrorism operations have been neutralized 32 bandit, including nine leaders of the bandit underground. Just last year the security forces have arrested the leader of 41, 241 and 606 militant supporters of terrorists.

in addition, as reported by Kulagin across the country was eliminated 78 cells of terrorists who were preparing terrorist acts on the objects of social sphere and attacks on law enforcement officers.

the Emissaries of international terrorist organizations continue to rely heavily on all sorts of sites, social networks and instant messengers to spread the ideology of terrorism and extremism. Last year the competent Russian authorities blocked the spread of such content on, 50 thousand pages on the Internet, and blocked access 16 thousands of foreign resources.