Scammers have decided to cash in on the Russians, who were actively ordered a takeaway during the restrictive measures because of a pandemic coronavirus.

More than 200 fake web sites food delivery services and electronics counted in the company Infosecurity a Softline Company, writes the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to a leading analyst Alexander Vurasko, their peak occurrence was in April.So, there were 56 clones Delivery Club, whereas previously they did not exist; at least 30 copies of a phishing e-mail showed the “Carmarket” and “Yandex.Food.” Fake web sites came from the “Platypus”, “Coswell” and “Crossroads.” The experts also found a fake online shopping of Samsung online hypermarket of electronics “Citylink”.

Experts warn that the fake sites almost completely copy the original: they have a catalog with hundreds of items, you can select a restaurant, order a meal, enter a delivery address and pay with credit card.

According to a senior content analyst “Kaspersky Lab” Tatyana by Sidorin, the attackers always use popular brands. The topic of delivery in the domain name really started to be used more often in February there were 53 registration of domains with the word delivery, and in April – 288, said the head of the Department of information security of “SearchInform” Alex Drozd.

But websites-clones do not live long: a maximum of two to three days before the first complaints from customers or holders.