A mother sells her newborn baby to raise money for a nose job. A married couple pays about 3,500 euros for the child. But weeks later, the police arrested the victims on suspicion of human trafficking.

In Russia, a mother is said to have sold her newborn child for plastic surgery. She wanted to have her nose done for the equivalent of around 3,500 euros. The police arrested the 33-year-old woman on suspicion of human trafficking, reports “Daily Star”.

She had sold her baby to a married couple just five days after the birth for a down payment of around 320 euros. The woman is said to have explained to the couple that she would have her nose operated on with the money. But it did not get to that.

Because a month later, just before the couple was due to pay the balance, the police arrested those involved. Criminal proceedings are now underway against the 33-year-old woman.

How the police became aware of the human trafficking case is unclear. The mother is said to have not undergone any surgery so far.