Russian business received about 41 billion roubles of subsidies for payment of staff salaries. This was announced in the Federal tax service (FTS).

In may management FNS has taken 1,215 million applications for April grants. Tax approved 956 000 applications, and the company already received the money. Thanks to receive payments of 3.41 million people, was estimated at FNS.

On direct financial assistance to companies, President Vladimir Putin announced in April. A forced measure cited the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

in addition to this support, Russian business may qualify for deferral of taxes (except VAT) and rental. Companies were allowed to take short-term interest-free loans to pay salaries and loans under 2%, while maintaining employment extinguishes the state.

small business Support — the goal of the national project “Small and medium entrepreneurship” which operates in Russia until 2024. On the development of small businesses planned to spend 481,5 billion over five years. However, the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, caused an unscheduled government to send billions of rubles to support the business.