“By 2024, we have to build 100 million square meters of housing in the whole of Russia. This is quite a serious breakthrough. Let me remind you, that year was 82. This year we expect the numbers we will have up to 75-80 million square meters. Even until 2024 to make a breakthrough and increase the volume by 20% – needs to seriously work hard”, – said the head of Department Vladimir Yakushev during a working trip to Khabarovsk Krai, RIA Novosti reported.

the National project “Housing and the urban environment” is planned to increase volumes of housing construction in Russia to 120 million square meters per year by 2024. However, the results of the national project is expected to be adjusted.

As said earlier the head of Ministry of construction, one of the reasons for this was the transfer of developers for project financing. The new order has defended co-funded, but it became a stress for the industry and influenced the establishment of new projects. The situation was complicated by the pandemic.