the total number of cases Russia took the seventh place in the world.

In recent days, Russia has 10 recorded 633 cases of infection with coronavirus in 85 regions, according to the Federal operational headquarters on the site stopmanager.of the Russian Federation. This is a record daily increase of cases, the previous one was the day before, when Oberstar reported 9623 new cases.

the Total number of cases of coronavirus infection in Russia has increased to 134 687 people. Ahead of Turkey, where at the time of publication identified 124 375 cases COVID-19, and the day before was recorded minimum daily gain of slightly more than 1,000 infected people, Russia is now ranked seventh in the world in the incidence of coronavirus infection, from the data of the American Johns Hopkins University.

Moscow was 5948 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Only in the capital COVID-19 ill 68 606 people. Died since the epidemic began 729 patients with coronavirus, 34 of them in recent days. Recovered from coronavirus 7029 inhabitants of the capital (plus 665 of recovered patients per day).

Russia has recovered during the day, 1626 cases COVID-19, for the entire period recovered 16 639 people. The number of deaths of patients with the coronavirus in the country grew by 58 up to 1280 people.

Besides Moscow most new cases in recent days identified in the suburbs (822 infected), in St. Petersburg (295), Nizhny Novgorod (252) and Murmansk (238) regions, and in Dagestan (136 cases). In the top-10 regions by the number of new cases also went Kabardino-Balkaria the Republic (90), Bashkortostan (87), Bryansk (86) and Samara (85) of the region.

In the first top ten also includes Murmansk oblast (1694), Krasnodar Krai (1244), Tula (1218), Rostov (1178) and Bryansk (1148) region. In six regions registered more than 1000 people infected with coronavirus — Kaluga (1136), Sverdlovsk (1091), Ryazan (1076), Leningrad (1037) region and Republic of Tatarstan (1031) and Bashkortostan (1022).

the Disease COVID-19 was recorded in 185 countries. Anything in the world, the coronavirus has infected more than 3.4 million people, more than 1 million of them recovered and more than 243 000 of those infected died. The number of identified cases of infection leading United States (1 133 069 infected), Spain (216 582), Italy (209328), United Kingdom (183 500), France (168 518) Germany (164 967), according to the morning of may 3.

Alena Yakushova