In recent days in Russia died 88 patients with a confirmed new coronavirus, the total number of deaths reached 1625. It is reported by Telegram-channel operational staff.

Over the past day in the country dead 86 people infected with coronavirus, the day before and 95 patients.

Russia ranks fifth in the world in the number of cases, but the mortality rate among the infected in Russia is lower than in other countries of the top 10. According to the Johns Hopkins University, France (sixth place) for all time recorded 174 224 patients, 25 812 of them died, and in Germany (seventh place) identified 168 162 infected, 7275 of whom died.

I wrote “the Rambler”, the last day in Russia revealed 11 231 man with a coronavirus. For all the observation time in the country registered a 177 160 patients, 23 803 of them recovered.