Appeared in several American media reports that President Vladimir Putin is allegedly tired of the war in Syria is another attempt by the West to indulge in wishful thinking. So they said the coordinator of the state Duma for relations with the Parliament of Syria, Dmitry Sablin, reports RIA Novosti.

According to Sablin, the Western partners dream that Russia withdrew from Syria.

“They would like to see Russia and Putin are tired, weak, resigned. Russia never wanted a war. But never abandoned the field of battle, citing fatigue,” — he stressed.

The MP also expressed confidence that Syria with the support of allies including Russia, will be able to emerge victorious from the protracted conflict. In addition, according to Sablin, in the future Moscow will be able to strengthen its base on the Mediterranean sea to strengthen its influence in the region.

Earlier, the us publication Newsweek has published an article that said that Putin is tired of the war in Syria because it is too long, and Moscow needs to focus on domestic issues because of the economic crisis on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. As noted in the publication, to Russia, probably, still will be a need to establish cooperation with Western countries in the Syrian direction.

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