In Russia completed the third phase of the Amnesty of capital

the Third phase of the Amnesty started on 1 June 2019. The participants, as in previous campaigns, the government guaranteed the exemption from criminal, administrative and tax liability for the violations associated with declared assets and accounts. The main conditions was the transfer of funds specified in the special Declaration of accounts in Russian banks, as well as the re-registration of controlled foreign companies (CFC) in the special administrative districts on the island of Russian in the far East or the Oktyabrskiy island in Kaliningrad region.

Photo: Denis Vyshinsky/TASS Russia plan to hold a “garage Amnesty”

the participants of the third phase of the Amnesty were allowed one year to pay the tax (13%) with income from controlled foreign corporations provided that they become tax residents of the Russian Federation in 2019. During the previous campaign from tax exempt profits of the liquidated CFC.

FNS believes ending a successful, although not disclose the number of submitted spectacularly.

Results is difficult to assess, as there is no clear target figures, there is no final, the head of the development Committee of legal services and expertise of “Business Russia” Ekaterina Avdeeva. Assessing public information, it is possible to assume lack of effectiveness, said Avdeev. According to her, it is obvious that despite Western sanctions combined with government-granted in the framework of Amnesty for capital opportunities, the role played by constraints. Fear of criminal prosecution after the incident with spectacularly entrepreneur Valery Izrailit (it was seized on by investigators of the FSB and admitted as evidence in a criminal case) is one of them.