In Russia, called the expected price of oil in 2020 the average oil price will be $ 30 per barrel. This opinion was expressed by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov in interview to the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

So the Minister answered the question about the base forecast on oil prices.

“as for predictions, but this year we’re looking at about $ 30 per barrel (the average for the year given the relatively high prices in the first quarter), and another few more,” — said the Minister.

the Russian economy in 2020 has faced a massive economic crisis caused a slowdown in business activity in connection with the pandemic coronavirus and low oil prices.

From may 1, entered into force the agreement OPEC+ on the limitation of oil production, in which the reduction in the first two months amount to 9.7 million barrels per day. The maximum obligations took over Russia and Saudi Arabia, which agreed to remove from the market 2.5 million barrels, if measured from the level of 11 million barrels.