Children is a powerful reason to change yourself and make the world better. With this indisputable thesis began the presentation of the children’s Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova.

– do You know how many parents came to the charity through the children? – asks the audience Kuznetsova. – I am familiar with one amazing young man. He has a very serious disease. But despite this, he persuaded mother to go to the orphanages and arranging birthday parties and performances. They baked my mom cookies, sold them and used the money to buy gifts for the children from the orphanage. This energy a miracle that transforms the world. And our gathering for so many young people who their hands changing the world around them. And remember how it all began? From the discussions that our young people go somewhere and as if to forbid her to do bad? Sat and thought – why deny that? And then came to the aid of scientists, their research showed that positive content for teenagers we have today is not there. And we say children have somewhere to go.

While the team filmed their video masterpieces, the children’s Ombudsman also did not lose time and conducted a survey, which was attended by about 300 young Russians, participants of a meeting. Children’s rights activist asked the guys, what is the positive content that don’t like the Network. On the last question the majority of children – 36 percent – said they don’t like virtual bullying and harassment. A little less (28 per cent) are outraged by the false information, and 20 percent said they don’t like the information inclined to destructive behavior. The children’s Ombudsman drew attention to the fact that children in an adult care a huge amount of fake information guys wish to sift it, but they are not always able to perform and understand where the truth and a lie. What about the children if our adult citizens today are not able to understand the flow of false information.

Interestingly, under positive content more than half of participants (52 percent) involve “information resources aimed at improving the aesthetic, cultural and civic level, and to develop a responsible attitude to life.”

– what struck me most was that young people are not scared of the word “responsibility”, – commented the results of the survey Kuznetsova.

About what is the positive content of Anna Kuznetsova by video link had to tell and the participants of the rally. So, Michael from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk very seriously said that to his positive content – it’s the videos that make you smile.

Positive content is needed in order to experience happiness, – writes in his notebook for Michael’s children’s Ombudsman.

Pauline from the Ryazan region – highly motivated and active girl, shared with the children authorized their festival impressions: “Instead of boring lectures, I saw a live chat with the real masters who live their work and motivate us to act. The creation of positive content is a matter of socially active person.” Pauline suggested drastic measures to create a safe Internet. The entrance to the Network documents, as well as the introduction of lessons of information security in the school, “the boys knew what to watch and what not”.

– We say something, do something, all of this content was supported by Pauline the children’s Ombudsman. – Each of us leaves a trace in each other. Our attempts to introduce age restrictions yet success has not brought, and the lessons of safe Internet, here example could be Tula. It has opened a center in which not just talk about information security, and pursuing the rehabilitation of those who have become dependent on destructive information resources. We need this model to spread across regions.

Ivan of Smolensk region told Anna Kuznetsova about the fact that his team, doing the job of the festival, was forced to find where live the most knowledgeable people.

– And where? – asked the human rights activist. It turned out that the most erudite, the Russians living in the Belgorod and Furmanov (Ivanovo oblast). Ivan also shared his opinion about the positive content.

– It evokes emotions, encourages you to learn something new, and most importantly – should be forced to think about something good for children’s Internet surfing. “We need to educate people, educate them, people have to be restrictive internal barriers”.

– Age labeling is not a ban – to protect Pauline’s Commissioner on children. – No one will miss your hand, you can access the site and may not open. You must exercise your will. But about critical thinking and internal barriers I Ivan support.

Finally, Anna Kuznetsova had to answer the guys question – what is the positive content.

In my opinion, it’s honest information, which helps to create, to become a better person, to make him happy and to transform what surrounds him – said children’s Ombudsman.