In Russia 500 new cases of coronavirus for days. Just 2337, 17 people died

In recent days in Russia confirmed 500 cases of coronavirus infections in 24 regions. Most new cases continue to be celebrated in Moscow (387), reported on the website of Rospotrebnadzor. According to the Moscow headquarters coronavirus, only been recorded in the capital 1613 cases.

Among the new cases, about 40% of people aged 40 to 65 years, and almost 35% – from 18 to 40 years. 20% of people older than 65 years and approximately 5% of children. All patients and close contacts of the person are under medical supervision. About 10% of cases in the last two weeks visited European countries.

In St. Petersburg marked 48 new cases in Dagestan and Sverdlovskoy region – 9, in the Murmansk region and Buryatia – six, in Tatarstan and Penza region five. In the Leningrad and Rostov region marked by the three new cases, in Voronezh, Astrakhan and Tyumen regions, Bashkortostan and Primorsky Krai – two. One new case was registered in Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Irkutsk and Magadan regions, Kalmykia Republic, the Altai and Khabarovsk territories, the Crimea.

“According to epidemiological investigation established that the citizens of the visited countries affected by coronavirus infection in last two weeks either identified as a contact”, – stated in the message of Rospotrebnadzor.

the Total number of cases in Russia since the beginning of the epidemic is 2337 confirmed cases in 73 regions. 17 people died. Discharged on recovery for the entire period of 121 people.