Rapper Bushido recently chatted in his new adopted country with ex-national player Dennis Aogo, who also emigrated to Dubai with his family. The two men probably also touched on intimate topics in the presence of their wives.

In the desert state of Dubai, rapper Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria are in the process of building a new life with their eight children (the little ones in the family, the triplets, are just one year old). Plenty of material for a separate, four-part RTL documentary series called “Bushido and Anna-Maria – Everything on Family”. Because there is a lot going on in the extended family.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s no romantic time for two. In the latest installment of his documentary series, Bushido gets intimate when he recounts a conversation with pal and ex-footballer Dennis Aogo.

At a joint meeting with Dennis Aogo and his wife Ina, the rapper said to his wife: “Well, Anna-Maria, today we made out in bed again.” This sentence made the 36-year-old Dennis Aogo sit up and take notice: ” Are you serious? Again today? What is it with you guys? Why are you having so much sex?”

Bushido answers the question in the documentary in a very cool way: “We just do it. We just live that way.” However, the 44-year-old found it less cool that Dennis Aogo’s wife was sitting right next to him while he was curious: “I thought it was a bit ‘cringe’.”

Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi decided last summer to emigrate from Germany. The reason for this is the dispute between Bushido and his ex-manager Arafat Abou-Chaker, which has been going on for years. Due to the numerous threats posed by the clan chief, the rapper’s family had to live under personal protection for a full two years.

In three weeks, the triplets of Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi will be one year old. The couple has a total of seven children together, Sarah Connor’s sister has a son from a previous relationship.

For four years, Bushido and his family could not lead a self-determined life because the constant threat posed by Arafat Abou-Chaker was omnipresent.

“We have moved”: Bushido’s wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi reports via Instagram from the family’s new place of residence – probably Dubai.

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