In Rospotrebnadzor explained how to choose flowers for the holiday

1. Please note on the stem – it should not be too dry.

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2. When buying roses a good sign of freshness is the presence in the Bud of so-called “shirt”, the upper, coarser leaves. However, sometimes sellers remove the petals to give the rose a more aesthetic appearance. But it is worth considering that they begin to fade first, and sellers can take to make the flowers look more fresh.

3. the Degree of expansion of Bud – another important indicator of the freshness of the flowers. It is best to choose a half-opened flowers.

4. Fashion to decorate the flowers are not only controversial from an aesthetic point of view (flowers are beautiful in themselves, in their natural form), but sometimes it helps to distract the attention of buyers and sell the second bouquet of freshness. Ruffles foil around each flower, sequins on the petals can easily hide the signs of aging.

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5. the Best way to preserve fresh flowers – just put them in water. Not accidentally, many stores sell bouquets in vases plastic containers.

6. On the freshness of the purchased bouquet adversely affected by temperature changes. Therefore, in frosty weather, the flowers need to pack in thick paper. Do not rush to make flowers from cold immediately into a warm room, leave them for a few minutes in the vestibule or in the hallway, where a little cooler.

7. Before you put flowers in a vase, need to trim the stems, making the oblique cut. The rose stems are recommended to split.

8. Remove the lower leaves in the vase should be standing naked stems. Otherwise, the leaves. being in water will quickly rot.

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9. Choose monoball or floral arrangement is a matter of taste. But gathering a bouquet, it is important to know that some flowers do not tolerate door to each other. It is not necessary to put in one vase: daffodils and lilies, carnations, roses, lilies and tulips. But the twig of arborvitae is a great way to extend the life of the bouquet.

10. In stores sometimes offer bags of money, which when added to water extends the freshness of flowers. From home remedies you can try to add a vase in a pinch of sugar or aspirin. But still the main rule – to buy only fresh flowers.