As explained by experts of Roccasecca, considered the most poisonous yellow mold (Aspergillus flavus) and black rot (Aspergillus fumigatus). Yellow mold can cause lung disease, black – heavy intoxication. There is evidence that mouldy foods that cause diseases such as aspergillosis, bronchial asthma and also promote the development of cross-allergies to several products.

the nascent colony of mold is very difficult to notice. Therefore, we must focus more on taste and smell. If the bakery had slight rancid or musty smell, it means that the process of microbial spoilage has already begun. This bread is not the best. After all mold very quickly affects the entire product.

Bread in a plastic bag moldy faster than paper or towel, as in plastic and tightly closed package moisture to evaporate nowhere. Quickly begins to develop the process of molding sliced bread.