As explained by the experts dietitian-endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences Natalia Fadeeva, almost every soup are potatoes, radishes, cucumbers, eggs, greens. The majority of Russians add to the hash doctoral sausage (sometimes ham). For the filling use of kvass, kefir, add sour cream and mustard. The average serving (300-400 g), prepared from the above ingredients, has a caloric value of 380-420 calories. The lion’s share of calories to have a doctor’s sausage (257 kcal/100 g) or ham (263 kcal/100 g).

in order to reduce the caloric content hash, a nutritionist recommends to replace sausage or ham, boiled chicken breast (113 kcal/100 g) or boiled Turkey fillet (130 kcal/100 g). Pour the soup better yogurt low-fat or mineral water (if desired, the yogurt slightly diluted with water). It is suitable for people who follow the shape or are in the process of weight loss.

you can Also use for filling of Tang, but it contains salt. “If you love traditional okroshka on kvass, it is desirable to prepare the brew yourself or buy home brew without added sugar,” advises the nutritionist.

As if people didn’t love the soup, especially on a hot summer day, it is worth remembering the sense of proportion and do not overeat.

the Nutritionist recommends eating okroshka on kvass for lunch, as it is the hottest time of the day or dinner (up to 19 hours). Before the sleep is, the hash is not desirable, because the meat contains tyrosine, not giving to fall asleep the brain, and okroshka on kvass can cause gas and bloating, which is also not conducive to good sleep. “If you really wanted to eat in the evening hash, then let it be yogurt without meat,” adds the nutritionist.

Natalia Fadeeva also reminds us that kefir and kvass is contraindicated in ulcers, when gastric secretion and exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Drinks obtained by fermentation, is not recommended for gallstones. And sweet brew is contraindicated in diabetes.