In Roskoshestvo told about the way to protect against fraud in social networks

“for Example, hide from everyone except friends, your contact information, post news, information about relatives and friends. So attackers will be more difficult to get your data and apply them in fraud using social engineering”, – expert advice.

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to log in To each of the social networks in Roccacasale is recommended to set up two-step authentication. Add to friends is only really acquaintances. Also, you should beware of anyone asking or offering money. And if help asking someone from friends, it is better to call him back and clarify whether you really need the money.

the transmission of confidential information in social networks should be treated with caution. For example, if was once sent a credit card, you need to find them and delete.

Roskoshestvo also advises not to use public wifi and do not click on suspicious links contained in the messages. And if you open the link you need, you should carefully examine the full address and availability of the https Protocol, which is exposed in front of the website address. This can be done when you hover over the link the cursor. In this case, some browsers show the full website address. So it is possible to identify a phishing attack.