More classified information has been found in US President Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden’s adviser Richard Sauber said on Saturday that he found another five pages of classified government documents in a room next to the garage there on Thursday evening, after a first page was discovered there on Wednesday.

According to official information, these are documents from Biden’s time as US Vice President. The Democrat was the deputy to then-President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. In the past few days it has become known that classified information from this period has been found in several places: in private offices in the capital Washington and in Biden’s private house in Wilmington, including in the garage, but also in the adjoining room that Sauber is now talking about spoke. The White House actually said a few days ago that the search for documents was over.

Sauber said he immediately turned the newly found pages over to Justice Department officials. Attorney General Merrick Garland had recently appointed a special investigator to get to the bottom of the document find. Biden and the White House have been heavily criticized for their communication policy in this case.