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– In a period we had the highest number of infected per 1000 capita in the country. Very many came home from a winter holiday in the Alps with koronasmitte, tells fylkeslege Jane Dahle-Melhus.

Now, it has flipped.

This week is Rogaland, the county in the country with the fewest number of new infected. Only one person is registered with the koronasmitte. It happened on Monday.

– The first sick was tracked down, tested and isolated. We had notified those who had been in contact with them. Persistently smittesporing in combination with the people’s effort, has given this development in the number of new infections. The citizens have been loyal to the measures, ” says smittevernoverlege in Stavanger, Ruth Midtgarden.

OPEN FOR DIFFERENTIATION: Fylkeslege in Rogaland, Jane Dahle-Melhus, mean it is can be opened for different actions, when society is re-opened, based on the variation between infection rates from place to place.

Photo: Inger Johanne Stenberg / NRK

In the same period shows the reporting from the Norwegian institute of public health that 335 people are infected in Oslo and the Bay. That means over 70 per cent of the 471 new smittetilfellene. Five have unknown smittested, according to FHI.

the Figures show that the measures we have had in Norway have worked very well in large parts of the country, but then tells us that the in Oslo and the Bay, areas where people live close, so is smittekjeden harder to break. We must have a particular focus where the infection is high going forward, ” says assistant director in the directorate of Health, Espen Nakstad.

Updated figures from the Sunday shows that a total of 6415 people have had korona in Norway, according to the registration. There is an increase with 95 people since Saturday.

Get new infections

Several other counties as the county of Møre and Romsdal, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark and Vestfold and Telemark have less than ten new infected this week.

– We see from the rest of the world, such as Stockholm and New York, that smittespredningen is greatest in the most densely populated areas. It’s about how we live and how we behave, ” says Dahle-Melhus.

Nearly two million people live in and around Oslo. In total, there are in excess of 5.3 million inhabitants in Norway.

New figures Sunday showing that there are five patients admitted with korona at Stavanger university hospital. Only one of them can get respiratorbehandling.

Photo: Gunnar Morsund / NRK

In California live around 225.000 of the almost 500,000 residents of the small geographical area of the Nord-Jæren. Nevertheless, the spread of korona declined sharply.

– We live scattered. In many houses can koronasmittede isolate itself from the rest of the household. Very few live so cramped here, as many do in the middle of Oslo, ” says Dahle-Melhus.

the Sick are isolated in a hotel

Earlier this week said health minister Bent Tall (H) that we have koronaepidemien under control. Since each koronasmittet probably infects 0,7 other person.

Nakstad tells us that also in Oslo and the Bay is reproduksjonstallet under one, but that there can be local differences. For example, between districts.

According to Aftenposten, Oslo municipality entered into an agreement with Nordic Choice chain about beredskapsplasser for quarantine or isolation.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

– This is something we continue to survey, so that we can put in extra effort.

the Norwegian board of Health commend the job the city of Oslo, allows to track the infection. In addition, infected now be isolated into a hotel.

Are you sick and live together with others in smaller homes, so it is hard to isolate themselves and limit the infection. Therefore it is a good idea to use the free hotellkapasitet, so you don’t infect others, ” says Nakstad.

Inmates of the hotel will be followed up by health workers through regular contact over the phone.

– Restrictions do not follow municipal borders

The major smitteforskjellene in Norway provides both opportunities and challenges for public health authorities, according to Nakstad. Previously it has been assessed and differentiated measures, based on the smittehyppigheten.

Deputy director of the ministry of Health, Espen Nakstad, says that the authorities have better control over korona-the crisis in the country. – Fewer infections makes it easier to track down the infection places where more are infected, ” he says.

Photo: Heiko Junge / Heiko Junge

– When we shall reopen schools and kindergartens in areas with low infection, so it can happen with little risk. Places with more infection, we must be happy to have other measures to be on the safe side, ” says Nakstad.

He believes that the restrictions forward do not need to follow the municipal borders. But allows for extra smittetiltak where there is a certain infection and isolate those who are sick.

” It is important that we have good, basic smittevernregler in the entire country. It may show up infections all over the place. People travel still within the country. In addition, it can get infections from abroad.

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