two Hundred readers, one hundred excerpts of the most insightful books Abramova about life North of the village Pacasino in the difficult years of the great Patriotic… From the screen and is read by very different people: the God daughter of the writer agafea Hamina from Naryan-Mar and his fellow countrymen from Varkoly, Governor of the Pomerania region Igor Orlov, the actors of the Maly drama theatre of St. Petersburg Anzhelika Nevolina and Adrian Rostovsky, the writer Pavel Basinsky, TV presenter Boris korchevnikov and Alena Gorenko. All United abramovskiy word. The novel “Brothers and sisters” in Pomerania called “people’s Bible”. Now read throughout the world.

Photo: Tatyana Sukhanov Residents Varkoly recorded page videokniga the 100th anniversary of Fyodor Abramov

As noted by the portal editor Gadoterate.Of the Russian Federation Mikhail Wiesel is not the first such project of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Recorded videokniga by Pushkin, Turgenev, Krylov. But people reading Abramova is especially important, because his word, once admired a huge country, turned out to be undeservedly forgotten. At the presentation of videokniga refrain sounded: we must appeal to Abramov constantly, not only in connection with the anniversary.

– it was very important to record attended not only by those who knows and honors the word abramivs’ka, – said the Director of the project, the Director of the Arkhangelsk drama theatre Sergey Samadov. We watched with interest as people discovered the books. First – through language: and what does this unfamiliar Northern word how it is pronounced? Then through the deep message embedded in the book. As a result, almost all participants assured us that they will now read Abramov.

Who is it, Fyodor? Singer homeland or master of words on a world scale, the writer-“the villagers” or the philosopher out of time and place? This is also selland the speech at the presentation.

– it is Considered that the definition of “rural” does not fully conveys the essence of the prose by Abramov. But by and large all our people came from the village of small settlements. There were established traditions that define the Russian people. In my opinion, countryside is the essential word for our country. And I invite everyone in this Russian village Verkola, home of Fedor Alexandrovich, addressed by the Governor of Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov.

Director Teimuraz Esadze, who created the 26-episode series “Two winters and three summers” on the works of Fyodor Abramov, believes that he wrote about a Russian man about what was happening to him.

– His books tell about us today. And seriously discuss what level a writer is regional or national, I think, in General blasphemy. A writer of world importance. “Pcasino Chronicles” was published in France and other countries of the world, and shocked the foreign readers. And as it was esteemed writers-contemporaries! When I told Valentin Rasputin, I’m going to make a film based on Abramov, he smiled and said, “then I guess you don’t need”. Abrams was a key figure of the time. With his book “Around the Bush” in 1963 effectively began the “literature of the truth,” reminded Teimuraz Esadze.

the novel “Brothers and sisters” in Pomerania called “people’s Bible”. Now read the whole world

Writer Sergei Shargunov called serdtsevidok Fyodor Abramov, who was able to highlight the full depth of a person:

– the Main thing in his prose is not only the wonderful world of the Russian North, but also a profound story about the conscience of people. He managed to get to the secrets of their characters, who mostly kept silent under the weight of labor. Abramov became a real protector of his countrymen.

Photo: Arkhangelsk regional Museum of local lore Announced the winners of the literary prize named after Fyodor Abramov

the theme of the North of the country has become one of the main presentations videoknigi. While it was an exhibition of rare photographs of Fedor Alexandrovich and his fellow “Creative word artist,” prepared by the Arkhangelsk local history Museum. From the “RG” it will go to Moscow libraries. Their memories about the writer shared his friends, writers Gregory Kalyuzhny Vladimir Krupin, according to which “the word grows on the pavement, and on earth.” About the importance of creativity Abramov said his countrymen – Director of the Arkhangelsk regional Museum Natalia Shpanova, deputies of the regional Council Irina Frolova, Ivan Novikov, and many other members of the people’s reading.

At the presentation, the audience saw only a 20 minute part of videokniga. A full ninety-minute version will be published on the portal Gadoterate.Of the Russian Federation.