Emma and Noah remained the most popular first names in Quebec in 2022, according to Retraite Quebec’s list released Tuesday.

The organization publishes the most chosen first names each year, and the 2022 list shows a certain stability in recent years.

Among the ten most popular first names for girls are Olivia, Charlotte, Charlie, Florence and Alice.

Among the boys, William, Liam, Thomas, Léo and Édouard are at the top of the list.

These are all names that were on the list in 2021, but their position has varied somewhat.

Retraite Québec also provides a portrait of families in Québec, where there are 912,584 families in all, including 652,525 with two parents. There are also 260,059 single-parent families.

Among all families, the vast majority (about 83%) consist of one or two children. About 13% of families have three children and 4% have four or more children.