Archaeologists have discovered in the South-East of Poland, a mass grave with remains of more than a hundred children were buried in the XVI-XVII centuries. Originally the grave was across the road workers near the town of Nisko. This publication reports The First News.

In total, scientists have found 115 bodies, and some in her mouth was invested coins. The skeletons were buried in the sand and was located on the axis East-West, which indicates that the conduct ritual ceremonies. The coin placed in the mouth, is called the Obol of Charon, according to the beliefs, is a charge conductor in the world of the dead. This tradition goes back to Ancient Rome and Greece. However, the cemetery itself was Catholic and belonged to a local Church that existed from 1590.

The find confirms the local legend of a mass children’s grave in the mountains district Church (Church Mountains). The coins date from 1587-1632 year, reign of king of Poland Sigismund III and the reign of John II Casimir (1648-1668 years). The absence of remnants of the coffins suggests that the community that buried children, was very poor, however the location of the skeletons indicates that local residents cared about the safety of the graves.

The bodies will be exhumed, and after studying the anthropologists will be donated to the local parish Church, after which the remains will again be buried in the local cemetery.