the Law will enter into force early next year. The limitation will apply to establishments with floor area less than 50 square meters.

the New regulation can dramatically change the appearance of the famous bar streets of St. Petersburg – Rubinshteyna, Zhukovsky and so on.

the fact that in the historical center of St. Petersburg, the principal amount of objects of public catering and bars, located on the first floors and basements of houses. Often the area of establishments is very small.

it is Worth noting that not all residents of the historic centre welcome mini-bars. For example, residents of nearby houses often speak out against bars on the street Rubinstein. Before the pandemic, these institutions have worked around the clock, and the most desperate visitors were set a task: to circumvent the high bars with the obligatory tasting branded products.

as a result, by the end of the route, visitors began desperately to be quiet. And it’s not one person in a week: the crowds walk by Rubinstein round the clock. The locals know by heart the phone the precinct, but the constant calls to police the situation did not improve.

By the beginning of January many places Rubinstein will have to either close or change the concept, abandoning alcohol to the menu.

the Bill, changing the rules of distribution of alcohol in residential buildings in St. Petersburg have been widely discussed. The amendments found supporters who believe that only such methods can return peace and blagodarnosti in residential neighborhoods. Opponents of the new rules believe that the bar culture is an integral part of St. Petersburg, the gay street with bars in every basement attract even the most prudish tourists and if these institutions close, the alcohol in the city to drink less will not just patrons of such establishments goes into network bars, and small businesses will lose out.

the St. Petersburg Authorities promise to keep the most unique bars in the city. To distinguish between the “copyright bar” with a unique culture from the banal “low bar” in St. Petersburg will create a special Commission.