Ten representatives of medical institutions of the city of Penza first received the gift in person from the hands of the Governor. Most of them work in the “red zone”, daily risking their health and their loved ones. Among those who will soon move into his own apartment have both young and experienced professionals.

infectious disease Physician Elena Dubinovsky admitted that the present was an opportune moment. Before the outbreak she lived with elderly parents. In order not to infect them, she was forced to rent an apartment.

Addressing the ceremony participants, the Governor stressed the importance of working across the health system during the epidemic.

– Health care workers – the heroes of our time. And I want to tell words of gratitude to Express our gratitude to our doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers – all who saves the life and health of people, – addressed the audience, Ivan Belozertsev.

To assist patients with coronavirus infection in the Penza region, there were over three thousand doctors, employees and Junior managers. Now the region is on the eve of the second phase of the easing of restrictions and their final withdrawal.

– Despite the fact that there are more cases not only in our region but in the next, we cope with this problem successfully, – said the Governor.

On the third of July in the Penza region was found 5193 confirmed cases COVID-19, recovered 4910 people.

Informed the Governor it was decided on the allocation of doctors apartments in the building on the street Antonova. Last year in Regina, the program works to provide housing for specialists, last year doctors were allocated 30 apartments. This year there will be three times more – about a hundred.

At the regional level, also decided to carry out rehabilitation for medical workers who have had novel coronavirus infection, at the expense of the regional budget. Doctors, nurses and paramedics will go to a local resort, for them, the voucher will be free. The direction issued by the attending physician at the place of residence.

– Development and implementation of the appropriate programs will help our medical professionals to restore health and return to duty. Equipment and location the Penza resorts allow you to use them for the effective implementation of the rehabilitation phase ill COVID-19, – explained in the regional Ministry of health.

starting July 1, doctors began to undergo rehabilitation in health resorts of the region.

Some patients who have had a coronavirus, has agreed to be donors of blood plasma. It is used as medicines in the complex treatment of novel coronavirus infection as it contains antibodies to the virus. In fact, this method is a passsive immunization.

two and a half weeks plasma transfusion more than 20 patients of the Penza regional clinical center of specialized types of medical care. 80 percent of them there is a positive trend in health status. The patients note the improvement of health. The first three people in the region who received anticavity plasma, ready to be discharged.