111 cases of rape in Berlin by more than one perpetrator were registered by the police last year. The number from the crime statistics was slightly higher than in previous years, when it fluctuated between 89 and 106.

This emerges from a response from the Senate to a request from the AfD. The “Bild” newspaper reported. Most of the 111 victims were in the 14 and 15 age group (18 victims). There were also 10 victims aged 16 and 17 and 13 in the 18 to 20 year old group. Most of the crimes took place in apartments and apartment buildings (41), but also in parks (16).

Of the 106 suspected perpetrators identified, 25 were younger than 18 years old. 28 suspects were between 18 and 24 years old. The proportion of suspects with foreign nationality was 54 percent. Last year it was 65 percent, before that 44 and 51 percent.

The police assume that there is a relevant number of unreported cases of sexual offenses and rape because many victims do not contact the police out of shame or fear of the perpetrator. The Senate wrote about these acts involving several suspects: “These do not necessarily have to be “group rapes.” The fact that the crimes become known “is clearly dependent on the willingness of the victims to report the crime and the specific course of the crime is often very individual.” 

In Germany, cases of alleged gang rape repeatedly make headlines. A case from Hamburg in September 2020 caused particularly great outrage, in which a then 15-year-old was raped by several men in a park under the influence of alcohol within a short period of time. In a trial, nine men were sentenced to prison terms; some of them appealed. In Berlin, three men were recently charged with an alleged gang rape in Görlitzer Park. According to the indictment, the men attacked a couple in June 2023 and raped the then 27-year-old woman. The trial initially collapsed because the woman did not appear in court.

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