Omsk oblast became the first region of Russia, which took patients with COVID-19 from another district. The doctors came to the aid of colleagues from Yakutia where there are not enough resources to deal with novel coronavirus infection.

Today at the Omsk airport the plane landed with the residents of the Republic of Sakha diagnosed with COVID-19. Fifty patients will undergo treatment in our region.

it is Known that the flight of the sick was fine. Severe patients is not among them.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted that the MoH and the CPS should envisage schemes of interregional interaction, including receiving patients from neighboring regions as well as leaving the medical teams, ambulance services outside the territory of its subjects, – noted in the Ministry of health of the region.

In the Omsk region the situation is the coronavirus one of the most stable. The region recorded 82 cases of the infection, 22 people have recovered.

– At the moment the Omsk medicine is able to help not only its residents, but also residents of other regions, where health care due to various reasons can not cope, says the Minister of health of the Omsk region, Irina Soldatova. Is our citizens who found themselves in unusual situation, and in our power to help them. Our health system has the required resource.

Patients with the coronavirus of Yakutia has placed in isolation at the city hospital №11 and the infectious diseases hospital №1 named Dolmatova. Predictions of their treatment is still favorable. In Omsk they will be further evaluated for underlying chronic disease will be the treatments of CT and MRI. Medical institutions are equipped with all necessary equipment.