One of them took place in the house yard down the street Trolley No. 7. The scope of work is striking: around a large apartment building removed the asphalt has already been covered with crushed stone, installation of new curbs, the builders start laying asphalt. The same thing happens near the neighboring apartment houses (MCD) No. 3/1, 9 and 15. They all are United by roads and intra quarter territories.

the Work is carried out within the framework of the municipal program “Housing and communal services”. As the Chairman of TSZH Zarya (the house № 7 on street Trolley) Tatyana Sapronova, become a member, they are due to mandate residents the Deputy of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk Alexander Burmistrova had.

– Our seventh house was built in 2005 and it so happened that along it began to drive residents of neighboring homes, reducing out on the street Kotovskogo. The road is completely destroyed. Residents of our house all the time complaining about it. We appealed to the deputies with the mandate. And here our path was included in the repair program 2020, – said Tatyana Sapronova.

All work promised to be completed by August 15, the residents are willing to endure the inconvenience, because after the repair will be not only a new road from the porches, but the sidewalk, storm sewer, and near the house № 9 there is a Playground.

the Head of the Novosibirsk regional public organization “School literate consumers” Svetlana Mironova told the mayor that the coordination scheme of renovation and arrangement of the yards residents voted against Parking under Windows of houses. Besides, here the residents have arranged a garden, a children’s Playground.

People have said that cars are not passed on intra-site. Therefore considered their request – a curb above the road. In addition, it was necessary to divert water, which after each rain accumulated in the yard to do it the correct bias. Very much done here. There are still deficiencies, but the contractor is willing to fix it, – said Svetlana Mironova.

Mayor Anatoly Lokot has noticed that the sidewalks must accommodate the interests of disabled people, mothers with strollers.

– unfortunately, we often see some parked on the lawns, the sidewalks, not respecting the people who live here. The dirt on the wheels is transferred to the road. This should not be. The courts must remain courts, they should be cozy all – said the mayor.

Mayor Anatoly Lokot said that with the improvement of courtyard territories should take into account the views of all tenants. And if the majority voted for the lawn, not Parking, so be it.

Another meeting of the representatives of the municipality and the deputies took place in the Park “Gagarin” is situated in the district of the 2nd rethe thoroughfare Parkhomenko, 17 and the streets of Friendship.

the Square was laid out in 1961 on the initiative of the plant “Sibkabel”. Since then came in a running condition. Despite the fact that the area of the green zone is quite large – about two acres, know about it is that the residents of nearby houses. They became the initiators of improvement. The treatment of the occupants to the deputies was decorated in a charge that resulted in a specific design project for the comprehensive improvement of the square.

Deputy mayor – head of the Department of culture, sports and youth policy of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk Anna Tereshkova told the mayor Anatoly Elbow that Department in an online format launched public discussion of the design project. It will last until August 10 of this year.

– Task – tidy green area. Already renovated entrance. It is important to keep all elements, including plants, to convey the spirit of the time when he created the square. It is the wish of the inhabitants of the district, said Anna Tereshkova.

the development Project of the square involves the restoration of his original intent as a regular classic square – reported to the head of the city architect, design Bureau “Archies” (the developer of the design project) Anton Kabakov. But square is also a transit for pedestrians and students going to school, and a place for quiet recreation for residents of nearby houses. So the first thing they have to upgrade the lighting, replace all covers tracks and trails, install new benches and urns.

it is Also planned to equip children’s playgrounds with outdoor exercise equipment for people of all ages. At the request of the residents of the district’s existing memorial sign named after Yuri Gagarin, will be moved to a new location – in the centre of the Park. Gathered at the Park the pensioners appealed to the mayor Anatoly Elbow with a request to facilitate the installation of the bust of the first cosmonaut.

the reconstruction of the square. Gagarin is a large project. This year we will start its implementation. Now ends the discussion of the design project, finalized project documentation, conducted competitive procedure for selection of the contractor. Me as the Deputy addressed the residents, public organizations with a request to tidy up the square. It is an initiative of residents, supported by city government, – said the Deputy of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk Alexander Burmistrov.

the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of region Roman Yakovlev said that over the past five years, he conducted preparatory work on reconstruction of the square. The first works were made in the past year, in particular the reconstructed entrance and fencing, there is a stele.

– the Feature of this project is that it reflects the views of the residents of MCD, heads of municipality and city, regional deputies, – said Roman Yakovlev. We hope that the Park will visit not only inhabitants of nearby houses, which are well known to this area, but all the city’s residents.

– We are embarking a big project – landscaping the square. Yuri Gagarin at Leninsky district. Square is very popular with locals, this place is for relaxing and walking. It is important to restore lighting in all areas and on the main Avenue, and on secondary tracks. Now here are the old lights that don’t work, – concluded the mayor Anatoly Elbow.

work on the improvement of the square. Yuri Gagarin will launch in September, next year they will continue, will be carried out landscaping and design of the flowerbeds.

help “RG”

In Novosibirsk this year it is planned to renovate 266 yards MKD, of which 220 yards – at the expense of regional and municipal programs aimed at the creation of a comfortable living environment. In General, the program of improvement of courtyard territories this year, formed on the instructions of deputies of Council of deputies of Novosibirsk and of the Legislative Assembly. The program mandates for these purposes will be allocated 420 million rubles.